Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Religous Ramblings of an Insomniac

I have not wrote on my blog in a long time but I have some random thoughts on my mind and I just wanted to put them into writing. I don't exactly build my thoughts as much as I just bluntly state them but I hope that you enjoy them.

Until you have a understanding of why we have no right to have a relationship with a Holy, Majestic God, you cannot fully grasp the power of His love for you. As you come to understand just how Big and Perfect our God truly is, you will begin to understand just how Powerful and Unfathomable His love for you truly is. The higher your respect and awe for God's Majesty and Holiness; the deeper your understanding and gratitude will be for His love and desire of a relationship with you.

Churches have become more consumed with the numbers of seats they fill than the number of people they send out. Christ called us to make disciples of the nations, not converts and seat fillers. The church has lost it's focus on helping build meaningful relationships with Christ and have instead become consumed with sharing a message to as many people as possible. It no longer matters if the people understand what they hear as long as they enjoy it. When did church numbers become more important than lives changed? When did churches start bragging about how big their "outreach" is instead of boasting about what Christ did? Why is it more important for churches to get more sheep even when they have thousands, than it is to pour into a few sheep who could go out and shepherd new flocks? Christ didn't call us to bring people into the church; He called us to send people out!

I also have some thoughts on leadership and how their lack of passion greatly affects those they lead. I may write more on this later. My question is, should you willingly choose to join a team or staff of Christians in leadership if you know they have consistently lacked passion and a desire to truly know God?

Sorry for the random blog posting.

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